Huff N Puff Support Group

Lung and Wellness Centers is proud to announce our new support group, Huff N Puff.  Our support group is patient driven and designed to provide information, advise and support for people suffering from chronic lung disease, as well as, family and caregivers.  


Huff N Puff Support Group will meet quarterly from 2-4 pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  The meetings will consist informative speakers to help keep our patients aware of new products, regulatory changes, services, companies and resources that are available to them.  In addition, there is time to enjoy refreshments and socialize with all of your old friends, while having the opportunity to meet new ones. 


Don't forget, our December support group meeting is very special.  Lung and Wellness Centers will host a Christmas party for all of our present and former patients. 


The staff of Lung and Wellness Centers love having the opportunity to see all of our old patients and thier families.  We also welcome the community to join us for an afternoon of knowledge and fun.